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Schools - Coolin
Coolin School Building 1957 - 1958
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Photograph is angled to show the front and side view of school. Visible are the large windows common to many schools of the era that allowed students to stay in school even when power outages prevented electric lights from illuminating classroom. The ground is covered in snow and coniferous trees can be seen in the background. "Coolin School" and "Bews" is written on the back of the photograph.

A developer's date is written on the front of the black and white photograph: "AUG 58" stamped on the top border, however there is snow around the school building, so it is winter or early spring of 1957 or 1958?
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Coolin School
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2009.71.1 Coolin School 1957 - 19582009.71.1 Coolin School 1957 - 1958
2009.71.1 Coolin School 1957 - 1958 back of photograph2009.71.1 Coolin School 1957 - 1958 back of photograph