“The best little museum in Idaho operated solely by volunteers.” Former state historian Keith Peterson

The Priest Lake Museum is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization.  Our financial support comes from memberships, monetary and in-kind donations, occasional grants, and  the sale of books and other museum-related items. There are no regularly paid staff.  The museum is maintained and operated by volunteers in cooperation with the U.S. Forest Service.  The Board of Directors give their time and talents to make the museum such a success. 

Our Mission

The mission of the Priest Lake Museum is to collect and make available to the public the history of the Priest Lake region, including the natural and cultural characteristics making Priest Lake distinctive.  The museum’s major functions are to collect, preserve, catalog, and exhibit materials to illustrate exploration, settlement, and development of the region. Through a partnership with the U.S. Forest Service, the museum offers educational opportunities at the Luby Bay CCC Log Cabin. 

Our History

Museum founders Bruce and Mary Hunt, Lois Hill, Marjorie Roberts, and George Hill

The Priest Lake Museum Association was formed in 1979 by residents concerned about losing the area’s rich past.  Before a acquiring a building, volunteers collected oral histories and early photographs.  In 1989, a partnership between the U.S. Forest Service and the museum resulted in transforming the CCC Luby Bay ranger station into an exhibit space and visitor center.  The museum expanded with a natural garden, outdoor exhibits, and educational programs. 

Our Current Board Members

A Board of Director’s meeting during COVID-19!

President Carlos “Pancho” Landa, Vice President Patty Engle, Treasurer Brent Guyer, Past President Tom Weitz, Historian Arley Sue Hagman, Host Coordinator Kelly Bacon-Hord, USFS Liaison Debbie Butler, Paul Bastine, Barb Conboy, Kay Coykendall, Mary Driscoll, Kent Feldman, Kim Impecoven, Sam and Dorothy Latendresse, Don and Elaine Widman, and Kristen Winn.